Services for W3C WoT Developers

Eclipse Thingweb provides services to support Web of Things developers. These services are listed below.

Thing Description Playground

Playground is a tool to validate TDs and manipulate them for usage in other tools. You can do validation to check conformance, generate Open API and Async API documents, add or remove default values, visualize TDs and find spelling mistakes in TDs.

Web-based Interactions with Things

Using the tools below, you can interact with different WoT Things over your browser.

Online Things for Testing

Eclipse Thingweb hosts Things that can be interacted with over the public Internet. You can use them to test your WoT applications.

All of them require no security mechanism to be communicated with and have same behavior from CoAP or HTTP endpoints. Below are small explanations on what they can be used for:

Additionally, Counter and Smart Coffee Machine offer simple UIs that reflect their state: